“Michelle is a go-getter.  She takes action, and doesn't sleep on things.  She is very motivating, and helps me to motivate myself.  Michelle leads by example, and has the right approach to make me a self-starter too"

"She made me feel like my dreams are possible, and attainable.  She directed my ideas into an action plan, which makes sense, is clear, and not overwhelming. She is serious about what she does, and that inspired me to be serious too.”

“Michelle has a gift for simplifying complex schemes into attainable action plans. She gets to the heart of what is most important in business planning.

“She is an outstanding motivator.”

“Michelle delivers”. 

“She always does what she says she will, and doesn't leave the door open for slacking.”

“I will definitely recommend this service to anyone who is serious about starting a business. Michelle will whip them into shape, and she definitely cuts through the fluff to get to the most important points.  Michelle is a motivator, and has a huge amount of dedication to her clients.  If working with Michelle doesn't motivate you to get on track, then you're not serious about your business.”

Robyn Houpt

Business: Mz. Ness Performance and Fitness

Services: Activator Help Line and Activator Coach

  • Anne Baker, Architect, Juggle Jam Participant   

Michelle is patient working with beginners and skilled at teaching! She’s awesome. 

  • Alanna Baker, Circus Artist, Cirque du Soleil

    Such a fun, open minded, creative & thought provoking workshop. Loved every second! Working outside the box. 

  • Stephanie Monseu, Founder, Bindlestiff Family Circus, Ringmistress, Big Apple Circus   

    Michelle Matlock is a vibrant creator and a great communicator. As a producer and director, she watches and listens to what's happening in the room to better inform her approach to working with artists. She's generous with ideas and with her time. And because she is also an artist, she knows how to bring out the best in all partners of a collaboration.

  • Vladimir Hrynchenko, Founder, Circus Promoters 

    First of all professionalism and competence. I would higly recommend Circle Up Productions LLC to all my friends and colleagues.

  • Marjon van Grunsven, Artistic Director    

    Michelle Matlock provides authentic and profound experiences to anyone she works with and anyone who is lucky enough to attend her performances. Joy and laughter is always at the forefront as is education and exploration and deepening one self in order to find ones true essence resulting into honest and genuine performances and experiences. 

  • Catherine Audy, Artist, Cirque du Soleil    

    I learn some skills that now I use everyday. It helped me understand better what is the role of a character on stage and what’s the storyline behind it. Michelle Matlock was a wonderful teacher. I will be forever grateful for what I learn with her. Being a clown it’s not only but being funny, but it’s being real on stage with appropriate feelings. With her, it was clear and fast learning.

  • Renald Laurin, Artist, Coach, Clown, Cirque du Soleil

    The minute I started to work with Michelle, I was amazed by her talent, her intuition and her brilliant spirit. As an acting coach at Cirque du Soleil I witnessed her insight, strenght and capacity of adaptation through many years, as she played a main role in "Ovo". It has been a real treat to re-create some sketches with her, as the show was later adapted for arena tour. At that moment Michelle was creative and right on point; a true anchor for re-writing with new partners. Being in the show business myself for 45 years now, I am totally confident that any project of her will be well prepared, truthful and successful.

  • Mitchell Grobb, Musician, Cirque du Soleil    

    Michelle is a true professional in every sense of the word. Super talented yet very humble, she is a force to reckon with both on and off the stage. It was an honour and privlege to have the chance to perform, work, and learn from Michelle while on tour at Cirque du Soleil. Rock on Michelle!!!!!

  • Raquel Palmas, Juggle Jam Participant, Parent   

    I really enjoyed Juggle Jam! It was an activity that my kids and I could do together, and had a great time! It wasn't only juggling, but additional activities that we were able to try - there was even a special guest! Keep the workshops coming, please.

  • Sabrina Hamilton, Founder, Ko Festival    

    Michelle's workshop at the Ko Festival was memorable and though it was now many years ago, projects that students generated there still have a life. Laurie McCants started what has now become the show INDUSTRIOUS ANGELS in Michelle's workshop. Just closed a run of the show last week. Without Michelle's encouragement and inspiration -- not to mention craft, well, this project might never have happened. Michelle is truly talented and great to work with. Highly recommended!