Ok it’s time to take action!

Below is a selection of my services that I am offering. Each service is specifically built to support you in what we all must do to thrive. Begin. 

Do you have a big idea, but you just don’t know where to start? 

Are you always talking about that amazing solo show or that creative business you want to start, but you just can’t seem to get it going? 

I believe that as creatives we MUST act upon our creative impulses. I know that if we use the right tools, our creations can lead us to thriving careers and lifestyles. Many times it's just fear that keeps us from starting. That fear or self doubt that we all feel is actually a clear signal that we should begin.  The tragedy for the artist who does not begin because of fear is that they will never experience their fear turn into excitement, which is what happens immediately after you take serious action towards realizing your creative projects. 

Why choose to work with me?

I spent 15 years in New York City building my career as a thriving independent performing artist. I have created original works both collaborative and solo, including my one woman show which I managed to book and tour nationally and internationally for many years. I have initiated projects from the ground up including creation, writing/negotiation contracts, publicity, marketing, casting, directing and tour planning. Please visit my About and Project pages for more details on my experience as a creative entrepreneur.

As a result of my experiences in becoming a thriving artist, I am dedicated to identifying and sharing valuable business tools that every independent artist should practice in the journey to become thriving. I share these business practices whenever requested or opportune. 

I have a true passion and strength for helping artists/creatives start their projects and get their businesses up and going in the right direction. I will help you get focused and give you a plan of action filled with actual steps that will enable you to lift off!  No matter where you are in your process I will help you get to the next level. Take a look at my testimonials page to see what other artists have to say about the work I have done in helping them get their projects started.

I’m reaching out my hand and I’m saying to you let’s get to work on making your dreams a reality. The world absolutely needs to hear, see and feel what you have to offer. That is why you are here, right? Stop procrastinating. Fight the resistance. This is your opportunity right now and right here to get your dream started. You can thrive as an artist. Let’s go!








A little help will go a long way

  • You are ready to make a move and upgrade the way that you are working as an artist.

  • You have big ideas and you want to bounce them off of someone.

  • You are tired of just barely surviving. You want to start thriving as an artist...


Continued support will keep you on track

  • You are fully committed to doing everything it takes to become a thriving independent artist.

  • You are taking action, ready to try new ideas and willing to put a fresh spin on what you are already doing.

  • You are a creative entrepreneur and investing in your own talent is a top priority...


This is gonna be your year

  • You are an independent performing artist and/or a creative entrepreneur with energy and passion.

  • You have a giant vision board and you are all about taking action and manifesting your dreams in a big way.

  • You are wearing all the hats and juggling balls and boxes at the same time...